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Schmidt Paving, LLC is a family owned and run business in the community since the late 1960s.   Not only do they provide quality paving and sealcoating, but they are also one of the top concrete contractors.   They are one of the top concrete contractors because they have all of the best equipment to handle any type of job as well as an excellent and dependable team. As one of the premier concrete contractors, they work on concrete aprons, curbs, and sidewalks for new and replacement jobs.  It’s a great asset to have concrete contractors who also know how to do seal coating and paving.  They are able to do the whole job and do it well!  Since they can install all of your paving and concrete, they are able to ensure that all of the heights match.  As a result, there will be no water problems or other unnecessary issues to arise.  Schmidt Paving is one of the best concrete contractors in the business because of their team of professionals who take great pride in all of their work.  As a result of their workmanship, their work is done right and will last a lifetime.  For more information on one of the best concrete contractors contact them at 215-822-7881 or at  https://www.schmidtpaving.com/concrete-services/