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Commercial Paving

We provide high-quality commercial parking lot paving services to Bucks and Montgomery County, PA 

Commercial Parking Lot Paving:

See this video and learn what you need to know before contracting with a commercial paving contractor for you’re next asphalt parking lot or roadway.  When it comes to installing an asphalt parking lot, or residential driveway Schmidt Paving will follow asphalt application guidelines to make sure your new asphalt parking lot will last as long as possible. Steve Schmidt and his sons now stand out as one of the top commercial asphalt contractors in Bucks County and Montgomery County for honest pricing and their detailed work. From pothole repair and line striping to installing a new parking lot with proper grading and drainage, Schmidt Paving has been helping Bucks County and Montgomery County businesses with parking lot repairs for over for 50 years.

Our Commercial Paving Services:

  • Resurfacing: placing a 2-inch layer of asphalt over the existing parking area
  • New parking lot: custom installation to your individual specifications
  • Parking lot repairs: potholes, cracks, drainage issues, drain repairs
  • Professional line striping: custom installation to your individual specifications

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