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Excavation Contractors in Bucks & Montgomery County

At Schmidt Paving we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality excavation services. As professional excavation contractors with over 50 years experience in the excavation industry we are confident in our ability to deliver quality excavations for your home or commercial property.

Excavation services need to be completed by an experienced excavation professional. There are many things to take into account when implementing an excavation project. Whether it be a driveway pad, trench drain, or commercial parking lot being excavated. We take the time to plan any excavation job we do properly. This means we assess the exact needs of your project before any work is undertaken.

As a professional paving company we understand the specific drainage needs that your driveway or large commercial parking lot. Given that we are also excavation contractors we can excavate a drainage system before we install your driveway or parking lot.

Our Excavation Services Include:

  1. Trench drains

  2. Sewer line repairs

  3. Shed pad installations

  4. Grading

  5. Water line repairs

  6. Excavation

  7. Concrete repairs

  8. Curb stopsStone deliveries

For excavation contractors you can depend on give us a call on 215-822-7881 or contact us today!

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