• Mark Stillman

Premier Paving Contractors in Bucks, Montgomery and Northampton Counties

Schmidt Paving is one of the premier paving contractors. If you are looking for one of the most highly reputable paving contractors, Schmidt Paving is your answer. They are your best option for all driveway and commercial paving in the area. Schmidt has been one of the best paving contractors for over 50 years because of their commitment to providing quality and long lasting paving for all of their customers. As one of the top paving contractors, they have an expert team overseeing every aspect of construction to ensure every job is done to perfection. They are a family owned business and treat every client as family as well. You can depend on Schmidt Paving to be one of the most exceptional paving contractors. For more information on how Schmidt Paving can help you with any of your paving needs, contact them at 215-822-7881 or at http://www.schmidtpaving.com/contact-us/ .

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