• Mark Stillman

Top Paving Contractor for Sealcoating in Bucks, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties

Schmidt Paving, LLC is one of the top paving contractors for sealcoating.  They have been sealcoating for the community since the 1970s and can handle any asphalt, concrete or sealcoating job, for residential and commercial properties.  It is important to have sealcoating done to your driveway to protect it from gas oil, water penetration, and oxidation from the sun.  Schmidt Paving, LLC, provides great care and pays attention to every detail for all of their sealcoating jobs. Sealcoating is important in the proper maintenance of your a driveway in order to prolong the life of the driveway.  Schmidt Paving LLC prides itself on many repeat customers because they do the job right!  You want an established and reliable contractor to do your sealcoating like Schmidt Paving, LCC.  For more information check them out at  https://www.schmidtpaving.com/sealcoat-services/ or 215-822-7881.


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